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Atlas · Copco Product Advantages of Air Compressor

  • Brand History

    Atlas · Copco the tradition of innovation can be traced back to 1873, with a development history of about 150 years.

  • Reduce consumption and save energy

    The energy cost accounts for 80% of the whole life cycle cost of a compressor.
    Atlas · Copco air compressor can not only save a lot of energy, but also protect the environment for future generations.

  • Zero level oil-free

    100% oil-free air is the key factor to prevent pollution during production in some industries.
    Atlas oil-free screw air compressor and centrifugal air compressor are Class 0 industry standards.

  • Be at ease

    Atlas · Copco Actively communicate and interact with customers at all stages of providing special services. Engineering companies,contractors and many end customers have confirmed our commitment to long-term global service and full support.


About Us

  Qingdao Xinpufa Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, is a manufacturer of energy-saving products for compressed air systems that integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, product agency and service. Its main products include energy-saving air compressors, energy-saving dryers, gas water separators, oil-water separators, etc. It also acts as an agent for well-known brands at home and abroad: Atlas Copco air compressors and cold dryers…